Jimmy's pedigree:

Jayhawk's Jim Dandy


DOB November 27, 2014

Jimmy is the newest addition to our Jayhawk Clan. He is from our Diva and Link. Link was also bred here from our Pippin bred to Ch. Lobuff Bobwhite at Chucklebrook WC. You can see Link at the Chucklebrook site. Jimmy loves to romp and play as well as snuggle with some of his bigger siblings. He will be a joy to live with and watch grow up!

Photos coming soon!

Chucklebrook Bobolink by Jayhawk BISS Ch Bobwhite @ Chucklebrook WC BISS Ch Boradors By George
BISS Ch Lobuffs Turtle Dove
Jayhawk's Golden Pippen BISS Ch Waifin's Fly Cabot to Torngat
Danbridge Carrie Ann at Jayhawk
Jayhawk's Drama Queen Am Can Ch WhiteWing Smoke on the Water CGC TDI

BISS Ch Tremont's Fu Man Chu

Beulahland Lacey Bloomers WC
Danbridge Carrie Ann at Jayhawk Ch Danbridge Indiana Jones WC
BISS Ch Danbridge Empress Josephine